The Diner

Written from an anonymous point of view, this is what one man comes across in a single day.

The clattering utensils, chatter and incessant footsteps across the tiled floor drowned out the pattering of the raindrops against the windows. Business meetings were taking place at the table nearest to me, and I could see the desperate businessmen trying to negotiate a somewhat "reasonable" price for their deal. On the other end of the diner, a young lady stared at her garden salad and picked at a piece of lettuce, looking at the croutons in disgust. My heart sank when I noticed her tossing the bacon and eggs aside as she tried to cover the fact that she hardly ate anything on her plate. A jolly middle-aged woman sat across from a disgruntled-looking boy as she hopelessly tried to engage him in the conversation while he ignorantly sat there, looking at his phone, waiting for the minutes to pass.

What has the world come to? What happened to family dinners every night, to children being ecstatic about meeting their grandparents and relatives? Has the constant modernization of our world changed everything? Do people no longer recognize the importance of respect? It seems like the only reason people are even meeting each other anymore is out of courtesy or business, never because of their own will.

I looked at my watch. 7:59AM. Taking a final sip of coffee, I leave a twenty-dollar bill on the table and walk out into the street, suitcase in tow. 

The End

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