The forest

I woke up, the sun suprisingly, in my eyes. I had been lying in one of the only spots where the sun actually reached the ground. I looked around me at seemingly strange forest around me. There was sumething weird, something very unusall or strange about this place. The aura was diffrent than it was at home but that wasn't it. This place felt magical!

It was when I had started to head in a random direction that I saw the movement. It came from behind me, just a slight rustle of leaves and a shadow and that was it. Someone was following me! I didn't know who or why so there was nothing I could do just have to wait untill he (or she) shows his (or her) self. The best thing that I could think of doing was to hhust keep on walking and try not to think about the person or what ever that was following me bother me.

After an hour of watching my back while walking through the forest someone walked into my path infront of me...

The End

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