After I had gotten out of the cell thing with the door on the ceiling the only problem was how I was going to get away. That would probably have been quite easy if I had known where I was...

I had run for quite a while to make sure that I got as far away as possibal from persute. But now there was no landmark objects that I could reconise. The only things that I could see where the little dot on the landscape from the enprisonment I had escaped from and the forest that was towering in front in front of me. The rest was, well... desert. So the only possibal place for me to go is the forest.

A little way into the forest I stopped. I had no idea what the time was because I had not thought to look before I entered the forest and the very tall trees were covering the sky, but I was tired so I decided to rest. I needed to start on a long journey tomorrow to find headquaters and tell them  failed.

The End

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