I had not been trained in breaking out of dungens or the like so I was just going to have to work out how. I knew that it was going to be hard but how on earth are you meant to even reach the ledge of the hole on the ceiling!

It wasn't long after I had regained consisness from banging my head on the wall that someone came to the hole in the ceiling and trew a box with a rope attached to it down, narrowly missing my head by a couple of inches. I looked up in supprise.

"There's your food for the day, just take it out the box and I'll reel it back up for tomorrow. 'Kay?" This man who had lowered the box down said. He didn't seem to take his job seriously.

Before he even had time to react I was half way up the rope. Now shimming up a rope is no fun. It is also quite hard to get ahold of the rope to pull yourself up another meter, but this was my only way out. As I climbed out over the top of the hole I accidently kicked the guy when my legs were trying to feel for some support to push me up in a standing postion. Now I didn't mean to but I dought he's ever going to use the rope and box again!

The End

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