The prison

Slowly I took consciousness holding my head wondering what had happened. The I realized. I had failed my mission! Yesterday. The traveler. Taken captive. My bow- I searched my clothing, patting it, trying to find something that could be used as a weapon under it- gone! What was I to do!

I searched around me trying to find out where I was, how I got here, and where the entrance/exit was. The wall I was facing had no doors or windows. The wall to the right had no windows or walls. the wall to the left had no windows or doors, so that left... the wall behind me had no windows or walls! How did I get in here! Did they build this prison around me? No they couldn't have! That would be a waste! I'm not that special a prisoner!

I took to frantically searching the walls and floor for any way out, turning around and around looking at each wall in turn, running at them, banging with my fists, scratching myself, making me bleed. There wasn't much to make someone go crazy, especially if they are claustrophobic. It wasn't long when I had used up all of my energy and gave up, collapsing on the floor. I landed on my back. looking at the ceiling. It was the that I realized- they threw me in through the ceiling above me for there was a hole which a average sized man could fit through. All that thrashing about was for nothing! I wasted up all my energy when all I needed to do was look up! I started laughing at myself for such stupdity, but what I realy needed to do was find out how to get up there...

The End

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