From The BeginningMature

From the first time they met, Hayley knew she'd be with RJ. But as things started going well, it adburtly ended. A love-lost story of high school love.

From the Beginning

From the first time I met you...You remember that day don't you? When Brandon introduced us after the school spirit assembly? Back then you had shorter hair than your longer rocker hair style you have now. You still have the same two piercings in your ears, and that charming smile that still, makes the butterflies flutter in my stomach and make me feel head over heels. At first, I never thought I could be with you; you were so handsome, charming, creative, and funny. The thoughts of rejection crossed my mind so many times that I had not even told anyone about my infatuation I had with you.

"Hayley, this is RJ."

"RJ, this is Hayley. She's Contessa's friend."

I remember how your beautiful chocolate brown eyes stared into mine; I could feel some sort of connection. I wanted to be more than friends...lovers perhaps. But the secrets we both kept lasted only two months after our first meeting.

Our next meeting, was, ironically at a school assembly, this time though, during.


Your nickname for me. Every time I had seen you I had been wearing a Paramore shirt or hoodie, expressing my love of the band. And with my name being Hayley, like Hayley Williams, it became a delightful name that I only allowed you to call me.

I looked up towards the sound of my nickname being called. I saw you, standing up in the crowded school bleachers, waving me over towards you. Brandon was with me, and we had to find our Science teacher and class to sit with during the assembly.

"Where's Ms. Alles class Hayley?" Brandon asked, still looking towards the back corner, where she said we'd meet.

"I don't know Brandon! I can't see that far! You know I'm like blind!" I responded, turning myself away form Brandon for a moment. "I don't see her Brandon...Brandon?" In less than five seconds Brandon had ditched me. "Great" I mumbled underneath my breath.

"Paramore!" I turned my head back to you. I squeezed my way over to where you were, you invited me to sit with you, and since the assembly was starting, I had no other choice.

"So what's up? I never see you too much in the hallways anymore. I usually look for you when Contessa and Brandon are hanging out in the hallway before class, but you're never there."

"Nothing much, just busy with schoolwork and shit. Eh, I kinda gave up with Contessa. Ever since she and Brandon started going out, I barley get to hang or talk to her anymore."

"That sucks,"

I nodded in agreement, it was a bit awkward. We had moments of silence while you sketched vigorously in your book. I peeked over your shoulder and saw a jacket that reminded me of My Chemical Romance.

"I love that jacket! It's so MCR." Your face lit up after my comment.

"You like MCR?" Your face was still in shock and surprise. All I could do was laugh and nod, "Yes, I love their song ‘Helena', it's so beautiful."

‘Shh!" Your study hall teacher had told us to keep quiet, but this assembly was for the soon to be graduating seniors, so it extended it to a 3 hour long assembly. Now that we were both interested much more in one another, I pulled out my notebook and two pens, and began to scribble "This will be much easier w/o getting in trouble." All you did was smile and take the other pen from my hand and took my notebook.

We scribbled mindless chatter back and fourth, talking about the good and bad in our lives; Family, friends, relationships, our futures, and much more. Then, as we approached the topic of crushes and dating, it had gotten interesting and nerve-racking.

So do you like anybody?

I was curious and wanted to know. I handed you the notebook, you looked at it for a moment, looked back at me, smiled and started to scribble. After your hand had ceased, you handed it back to me.

RJ: Yeah. I like 2 people.

Hayley: Do I know them?

RJ: You know one of them. She's closer than you think ;)

Hayley: ? Me confused, haha

RJ: She's really cute, funny, and your height.

Hayley: No one is as short as me...Wait, I don't mean to sound big headed but is it me?

RJ: Ding Ding Ding! You are correct!

Whoa, was all I could think. He likes me too! I wanted to stand up and yell "YES!" but I knew I'd get in trouble and embarrass myself completely. I contained my happiness and wrote my response.

Oh wow. Really? No one usually likes me.

I handed it back to you, now looking away from you, now it felt a bit awkward.

Really I do. I don't know why anyone wouldn't like you. You're cool, like good music, and you're cute.

I felt my cheeks grow hot and most likely tomato red after reading what he said.

"Oh wow,"

"You ok?" You looked at me, face filled with anxiousness and eyes filled with hope.

"Yeah, I'm good. Just, surprised."

We saw the teacher in front of us start to turn towards us a bit, we quietly zipped our mouths and I wrote down what I was about to tell you

I really like you too. I have since we first met. I just didn't want anyone to know, I was just scared that you wouldn't like me back either if I did try to ask you out. So I kept my mouth shut and told no one.

Again, I looked away after I handed you the notebook, scared of what your reaction would be. I was paying attention to the presentation about some seniors receiving scholarships when you poked me with the notebook. I grabbed it from you and read what you had written:

Why didn't you think I'd like you?

Because, you seem a lot more funny, charming, and idk. I just felt like I had no chance with you

"Hayley," I looked up at you, I forced my eyes to look into yours. I didn't want to be afraid of being confronted.

"I really, really like you. And you do have a chance with me. I promise you that." I smiled at back at you.

The rest of the assembly, we sat and passed the notebook back and fourth, talking about many more things. You were the guy I had always dreamed about having; Kind, sweet, caring, cute, fun, loving, sensitive, a musician. After the assembly, we showed off our new love to all our friends and peers.

Afterwards, we were going very strong. Finals passed, and summer started, we both believed we were soul mates; meant to be together forever and ever. But soon, the fairytale came to a startling halt, after the second day of sophomore year had started.

You were distant, avoidant, not very social. I was worried about you. You said everything was fine, but I knew it was a lie. It was a Tuesday, you walked me to the front of the school, and told me what was wrong; you were beyond stressed out with home problems and school. You said you loved me, kissed me, hugged me, and then watched me leave.

Fifteen minuets later, we start texting. You start to say some heart wrenching things. "I'm confused about a lot of things."

I started to tear up. I texted back: "I love you so much, you know that."

That night, I cried so hard. I had lost the love of my life. My heart had been ripped out of my chest and shattered into a million little pieces of glass. "I love you, I love you so much. Why?" I'd ask myself over and over again.

Two weeks had past, and you had started saying that you made a mistake. You wanted to be with me again. I didn't know what to think or say. Of course I still loved you. Of course I still missed you. But would I let you back in? That was the question, that I was answered much too quickly. Yes. All was well for the first couple days, and then on day 4 of reuniting, I had gotten jealous of your friend Michelle. After I had left the school, our text message past break-up seemed to have relived itself yet again. And once again, I was left heartbroken and crying. Asking myself why? Why did I allow myself to submit my already broken heart to get broken and shattered into another million pieces once again?

3 Months pass....

I still miss you. Even though I had gotten a new boyfriend, and then broke-up with him. I know you don't miss me, about a month after the second, and last break-up you got together with the Freshman Whore, Callie.

I cannot let you know about the pain you've brought upon me. You will only know of the happiness we shared together. But I just want you to know, no matter what. I will always love you, and care about you. You took a piece of my heart with you when you left. And I know I will never get it back.

The End

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