Chapter 5

Gail fidgeted on the corner of Mara's bed. Mara chatted with her roommate, Tasha about the up coming deadline of their 4 page report. For most of the freshman it was their first paper and many of them were nervous. Mara however, was not one to get nervous about school so she was only going over it with Tasha because there was a lack of good topics.

Gail hadn't spoken to anyone about her recent discovery and it was nagging at her. She felt even more guilty when Sydney, the girl who told her nearly everything, walked in. She smiled when she remembered her most recent plan. She was trying to make Sydney like one of the guys she used to go to school with.

Gail squirmed when Sydney began, as usual, talking about the guy she currently liked, Jonny. He was one of those guys who hung out with only girls. He was in their little circle of friends but none of them wanted Sydney to like him. It was just not right.

Rose then came in with her normal look of annoyance. She looked as though she was constantly mad at the world. She then started venting about the guy she liked. She made it sound like she hated and yet loved him at the same time. Gail found it both interesting and annoying at the same tome. It depended on her mood.

The bell then went off and Sydney and Gail started going off to their classes. Gail sighed when she realized who was in her next class. Orion. Sydney sighed and complained about how Jonny would never like her and how dumb she was despite the fact that she was one of the smartest people Gail had ever met.

Gail more or less ignored her long speech and instead came up with several different ways to ignore Orion because he would probably pull on her heartstrings all through class.

They seperated at the stairs and Gail trudged up the stairs. She absolutley hated walking up stairs and having classes on 3 different floors didn't help her that much. She walked down the hall and was greeted by a few of her classmates.

She entered the classroom and plopped her books down near the back. She pulled out her worksheet and began comparing answers with some of her smarter classmates. Only a few seconds before the bell rang a group of guys came in and despite herself Gail caught her breath. Orion.

The End

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