Chapter 4

Gail paced furiously up and down her room, her feet pounding against the floor. She was such an idiot. The replica Orion was driving her insane.  How on earth could this happen? She made herself calm down and breathe easy. Now she had to think over the facts.

She had made Orion up years ago. But obviously he had existed long before this. It was odd that he had appeared in her life just as he started looking like her Orion. How had her mind known this beautiful person would show up in her life and take her heart just like that?

She had called to him that summer. Her mind reeled as she was pulled into the past and the flashback flew before her eyes.

*       *      *

She was playing in her friend Grace's pool. They were messing around with the blow up dolphins and relaxing in general. Gail looked at her whale for a moment before secretly nicknaming it Orion after her imagined love.

They played for many hours, the sun drenching their skin and turning it dark. Gail donned her goggles to protect her sensitive eyes and dived under the water. While under the changing surface she felt at peace; tranquil even. She called out meaningless words into the blue abyss before her.

Then her mind fell on her love who always haunted her mind. She stared out into the water that now seemed to block her call. "Orion!" she screamed out. "Orion!" The water held her cry suspended and though she wanted to jump to the surface and scream his name she did not. She instead settled on letting herself drift back into general peace before coming up to breathe the sweet countryside air and wonder why the thought of Orion haunted her so constantly.

*      *     *

She sank onto her bed in disbelief. She had called out to another human she had loved before knowing he had existed. She had called to Orion. He had been alive then. He was still alive now.

How? How? How? Her mind pressed her. She had weird experiences with her mind before but nothing like this. She had deja vu on an extremely constant basis. She had even seen images before they had happened. She sometimes knew the general idea of what was about to happen 10 minutes before it happened. But this was astonishing.

This could mean something huge she wasn't able to grasp. Soul mates? Linked by some strange past glance in which they had seen each other? But he hadn't shone any signs of recognition in the way she had. They hardly even spoke at all.

She paced the room again. If he didn't feel the connection something coud be utterly wrong. Either that or she was in for a lot of emotional struggle. But Orion was her most precious guarded secret and she would get through this with this new him or her old him.

The End

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