Chapter 3

Gail absently chewed on her pencil. She had just entered her math class. She survived through math class because her friend Rose had this class. Gail always chuckled when she thought of this. Rose implied a naive cute little girl who knew almost nothing of the world. But Rose was the opposite. She was dark, stuying the cold dark parts of humantiy and the world it dwelt in. Since Gail sometimes did this Rose was a wondeful accomplice even if they fought sometimes.

Gail listened patiently to the chatter of her semi-new peers. They talked of nothing of importance. Rose had already arrived but was abserving her calculations on their worksheet. Gail's thoughts, as usual, strayed their way to Orion. The chapter she was writing leaped vividly into her mind. She let the tiniest grin slip onto her face and her eyes glazed over.

Then the dull tone of the bell went off and a collective groan passed though the heads of the students. Gail shook herself awake to find their female teacher staring down from her podium. She was very young to be a teacher, Gail thought. But she shrugged the thought off and listened to what she was about to say.

"All right guys, we're gonna switch seats. I'm putting the seating chart up on the board." Rose and Gail exchanged a grin. Hopefully they would get seats nearer each other this time. Gail looked up at the chart and her hope lessened. They were close but there was a person inbetween them. She scowled a moment before scuttling off to her seat.

She plunked her heavy books down in the corner seat, the farthest from the teacher, she noticed suprisedly.  She rearranged her books into a better space for working as the class sat down. She smiled when she actually saw who was sitting in front of her.

Cameron. They were on their 9th year of school together and he wasn't too bad. She then focused on the teacher as she explained some math procedure Gail tried to remember. The teacher looked up after answering a question and pointed to the seat next to Gail she hadn't noted at that time. "Orion."

Gail caught her breath and then dismissed the thought. She looked over to asure herself that she was over reacting. Then she glimpsed him full in the face. She nearly screamed. He was an exact replica of her Orion! Why hadn't she noticed this before? she cursed herself. He was even in several of her classes and she knew him on sight! How could she have been such an idiot?

'You did have that little problem with he who is not to be named.' a little voice whispered in her. She knew this was true. But the fact she had not noticed this before was a miracle. The fact he was here was a miracle. She had to talk to him, to see if his personality was so shockingly smilar.

Tongue in cheek, she waited for the perfect oppurtunity. But it didn't come that day. She left the classroom in a completley foul mood. Her only ray was that he was here in this world with her. She had known that their love could only flourish within the book because that was the only place he could live. But now he had made the jump into reality. Maybe their love could be met here...

"Hey, what's up?" Rose asked noting the look on Gail's face. "Oh nothing." she said and they continued down the hallway.

The End

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