Chapter 2

Her hand flying across the page, spilling out the loops and twists that made up her hand writing, Gail wrote in one of her favorite stories. It was a curious little story. It was about Gail meeting the boy of her dreams. She was on a secret mission deep in enemy territory and she passed by where he was being sold as a slave. Knowing immediatly he must be saved, she bought him and smuggled him out of the country.

The guy himself was visited often in Gail's mind. She often went there to talk with him mentally or just to see him. Even though Gail had grown many years since the first conception of the boy, he almost never aged. Gail had loved that about him.

He was a few inches taller than Gail who was about average height, maybe smaller. He had long, dark, chocolate brown hair and his body was almost beautifully sculpted. His face always bore the signs of a smile and his voice was deep and rich.

But the thing that captivated Gail most were his eyes. They were a blue. Not just any blue. A bright, wild, captivating blue. They reminded her of some of the most free things she had seen. The waters of a lake or the ocean and the sky. But these were even more free.

She called him, Orion.


It had a sweet taste on her tongue.


The name itself was beautiful.


With a smile, she continued to detail a scene with herself and Orion next to a campfire, not out of enemy territory yet. She was telling him of her exciting life that she had lived in this book. It was a good chapter she told herself.

"Gail!" yelled up a voice out of the stairwell. That was her father's equivalent of: 'Dinner time!' She looked longingly back at the book as she left, wishing Orion could come and join her.

The End

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