From Out of a Dream

A girl falls in love with a guy she has been imagining all her life. She devoted the better part of her life to creating a character just like him and then he comes out of the blue. Exactly like the character with one fatal flaw. He doesn't love her. Short Story.

Angrily, Gail strode down the hallway. Her long thin brown hair was swept up behind her as if she was walking into a wind she was moving so fast. Behind her small square glasses her light brown eyes simmered angrily. How could he be so stupid! He had just given up the best thing that had ever happened to him.

She entered the room and shoved her  books under the desk with contempt. With a huffy loook on her face she almost glared around the room. She took in the account of who was there and who wasn't. Everyone accounted for she silently went back to review her story.

She had started liking him who knows when. They were working together and she just started liking him out of the blue. They laughed and talked together. He had amused her when no one else could. His occasional clutsiness made her laugh nad he laughed with her. Then both date-less at the dance they had met up together. They had danced and chatted aimlessly until he asked to become her date. Laughingly, she said yes.

The rest of the night was heavenly. They almost glided through the crowds, lost to all other thoughts. It was a sad moment when they departed but nessecary. With a whoop she went home to gloat that, finally, she was loved. No one had loved her in that way before. She expected to be asked out within days.

A week passed and they had hardly spoken. She had felt a bit depressed but reasoned he was just working up the nerve.

Many weeks passed. He never spoke to her now. In general, he ignored her. It made her want to scream aloud. And finally, today. She had denied that he would ever return to her. He had better women to chase apparently. This fact made her angry because she was the best thing that had happened to him. Literally. He had been considered a reject among most of her piers. And he had given her up. Not smart.

With a snort of contempt she resolved to never put herself in that stupid position anytime in the near future. Gail decided that it was time to withdraw from the affairs of these earthy hearts. With them in friendship but not in romance.

It was time to focus on writing her books, not chasing after guys. She miled as she remembered something. She knew the perfect story she was writing to take her mind off of this...

The End

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