From Nightmare to Reality

This is a flash fiction prompt I composed for my Writing for the Web class, in which I had to use the word earworm. It ended up being a scene in my Sigil series :3


The word was lodged deep in my cerebral cortex, latched on tight, an earworm that would not quit. Where the hell had it come from? I’d never heard it before. Except for last night. But that was a dream! Just a dream. A really screwed up, but logical, dream brought on by an abused subconscious. I was sure Oscar would be in class any minute now, just as sure as I was that the Computer Sciences wing had been closed off for cleaning.

“Judith Spellmeyer?” a clipped voice asked. I looked from my monitor in a mix of shock and fury. No one called me Judith, no one. No one even knew it was my name. I had J.E. Spellmeyer on my papers, transcripts. The students, professors, they all knew me as Eve.

It wasn’t a student, and it wasn’t a professor. It was my nightmare made reality, a police officer asking for my name. I stood up, deciding not to correct the man in uniform with a loaded gun, no matter how I longed to do otherwise. I was smarter, but he had a gun. Caveman logic at its finest.


“Can you come with us please?”

“What’s this all about?”

“Could you just follow me please?”


I grabbed my things and logged off my account while the class exploded in the loudest chorus of whispers I had ever heard in my life. And all the while, as I was escorted down to the waiting patrol car to take me downtown, all of two blocks, I felt a different pair of eyes on my altogether. Eyes with a name.


The End

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