From my point of view.

An accurate teenage life, where not everyone gets a happy ending. A girl has to go through friendships, breakups, love, drunkeness and much more.

My phone started shouting at me at seven this morning, screaming at me to get up, lazily rolling over I hit the snooze button and went back into a light slumber. Three minutes later the same tune came on, just as loud telling me to get up. As if I didn't think that was enough mum had burst onto the scene, pulling my door open and flicking on my light.

"Come on, up you get, it's half past seven now, you need to get up"

I merely groan back at her as a sign of recogniton and that I was going to get up at some point. Her footsteps disappear down the hallway as she goes to have the same conversation with my brother. Rolling over I fiddle with my radio, trying to find the on button. BBC radio one blasts through the speakers, at half seven, it was news time. I laid there for those five minutes, listening to the goings on, listening for todays weather so I knew what would be best to wear. I laid there a further five minutes thinking about things, letting the generic poppy tunes play as I try and find the energy to crawl down to the bathroom. Finally I leave the warmth of my duvet, as I swing my legs out and stumble down the hallway. Looking in the bathroom mirror, I saw my untidy hair, curly and boyish waiting to be tamed. Spots seemed to be having a whale of a time appearing on my chin.

"Are you up?!" mum called from downstairs.

"Yes" I called back as loudly as I could, the tiredness bogging me down. Picking out a pair of black jeans and any old tee, I threw on my clothes before settling down in front of a small ballerina mirror.

"C'mon it's time to go!" I heard mum shout at me.

"It's five to eight, I have five minutes" I shouted back

"Hurry up then, I'll leave without you"

"Fine" I rolled my eyes and took my hair straightners in my hand like a warrior would with their sword. I sized my hair up looking for where it would be best to start, time was ticking so I attacked it. Starting with the fringe I worked my way round, the scoulding irons erasing any hint of a bump, flick or curl.

"Right I'm going!" Mum called, the front door opened and I heard a pair of heavy footsteps exit the house.

"Alright, I'm coming, let me just get my folder!" Grabbing my folder and slipping on the nearest pair of shoes I sauntered down the stairs.

"C'mon already we're going to be late", Mum ushered me into the kitchen "your lunch is there, where's yesterdays lunchbox and bottle?" Delving into my bag I pulled out yesterdays bottle and box and dumped them on the table before grabbing todays lunch and tying it up in a carrier bag.

"There's a bagel on the side for your breakfast or you're not going to get anything this morning are you?"

"Thanks mum" I took the bagel and scurried out to the car, jumping in the front I belted myself in and took a bite out of the bagel. Mum got in moments after and we drove up the road.

"Does Nicola need a lift this morning?" Mum asked.

"I assume so, she hasn't told me otherwise" I checked my phone just in case she had text me and I hadn't noticed.  Nothing there, as we neared the top of the hill we saw her hunched figure sat on the wall. Mum swung into the layby next to the garage and Nicola jumped in the back. There was a murmur of hellos and mornings as mum pulled off again into the traffic.

"Are you kidding me?" Mum said.

"What?" I asked.

"The traffic's stacked up all the way to the roundabout, this is why we have to be out of the house on time, other wise we get stuck in this. What time did you go to sleep last night considering you were still up at half eleven when I came up to bed" Mum had started the nation inquisition.

"Sorry mum , I don't know maybe just after that no later than twelve I reckon." In the back of my mind I knew that I had stayed up well past that, but I had to keep mum happy or she would start complaining like mothers do.

"Maybe you should start going to bed earlier rather than tapping away on your laptop all night on Facebook, or when your "talking" to your friends on msn, if you can't manage to do that then I'll take the stupid thing away..." she continued but after this point I lost interest, it was the same old shpiel that she always came out with. I tuned into the radio instead, they had something of interest to talk about. A christmas advert came on the radio it was only October.

"Here we are," mum said, kind of cheery as she does after her moan. There was a mixture of thanks as we all piled out of the car. Waiting by the roadside we saw people driving past, grumpy old men and women refusing to stop, hasty middle aged bastards shot filthy looks at us as they drove past. The trail of traffic stopped and we walked across the road in to school.

That lovely place where I have spent too much of my time and I wondered why I was even still there.

The End

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