From Inside

Jack hoped that the chains would hold this time. He didn't want a repeat of what had happened in the months prior to tonight. God how he remembered the headlines in the tabloids, the terrrible articles telling of the poor people that had been mutilated. He had went out and bought some thicker, stronger chains after reading them reports. The death count was rising and he had to try and put a stop to it.

After padlocking the thick iron chains around his wrists and ankles, Jack threw the key away and settled down. A feeling of dread rose up from the pit of his stomach as he looked over to the narrow basement window and saw that the light was beginning to fade. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. He had to try and control the evil from inside.

The dream that he had had the other night came back into his mind and he gave himself to the thoughts. He was standing on a beach somewhere, the hot sun shining down onto his naked body, and the only sound was the gentle lapping of the sea against the shore. No one else was around. Only him, and the beach as one. Peaceful, and serine. No worries or dreads or guilts.

A hard, powerful cramp in his stomach pulled him violently from his thoughts and caused him to convulse in pain. It was starting already. Jack opened his eyes and once again looked over to the basement window. It was now dark outside, and the moment had arrived. Another cramp, this time even harder made him cry out in pain. It felt like his stomach was on fire.

This is the way that it always started. First came the stomach cramps, then a feeling of burning that spread through his aching body. The change had began and there was now nothing Jack could do to stop it.

The Pain was now getting intense. His whole body felt like it was awash with hot scolding flames. Sweat was breaking out all over his naked body and his hair was saturated. Jack threw back his head and let out a primal scream. He opened his and looked down at his bound wrists, his finger nails growing longer and sharper and turning black. His skin was breaking out in an angry red and scales were taking place of skin.

Sharp black spines were growing out from random parts of his body and his senses being replaced with one of hunger. A hunger for the warm sweet taste of human flesh. If Jack looked into a mirror now he would not recognise the horror face that would be staring back at him. The evil yellow eyes that contained nothing but pure hatred.

The thing that was once Jack ripped free of the thick chains as if they were nothing more than tissue paper. It rose up onto powerful legs, slightly hunched over and sniffed the air.

The End

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