Old Delta, #773 Connapeg

From the point of view of something Godlike. Not sure where this is going.

I am the wind. I am the air, the dust, the earth; I am the water that flows beneath the feet of the walking and pools in the graves of the dead; I am the sun when it shines and when it does not; I am freedom; I am salvation; I am blood and life and movement; and in Connapeg, from Earth to sky, I am World.

My dear citizens, I am yours. I have belonged to you long before the walls went up and faded into the rugged mountains behind us. There is not a man among you that dares to leave me behind; not a child that cannot speak my name. Babes in their cradles know of me; elderly and sickly are one with me; and I am forever, because even time cannot alter the reality of my existence. If love is fleeting then I am not love; and if life is mortal than I have no claims on  it. My word is law; but that there would be no law, if I had not made it so. I am the creator of justice; of good and evil; of every fluctuation and difference between you, and of the sameness that oppresses you. Embrace me and fear me. Run from me and you will cease to exist, for there is nothing in this world that exists outside of me.

The End

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