Prologue part 2

A medieval style adventure/fantasy/horror where not all is as it seems.
Contains Elves, dwarves, demons, monsters, magic and myth with a hint of my own personal flair for creation

Thane's panic at his situation slowly melted away as the rage at the creature exploded through his body like a wildfire. His expression changing from fear to fury and the realisation that his bonds were weakening spurred him into action. Gritting his teeth with the strain it put on his taxed body he forced his arm slowly towards the curved dagger at his belt, his hand coming to rest on the blood red ruby set into the pommel of his father's dagger, the last memento from a childhood ended too soon.
The memories flooded through him in a rush, the fire, set by who? He never learned but his mother and father both lost their lives in an effort to save his and he would not let it all be for nothing, he refused to fall here in this way.
He gripped the leather bound hilt so tight his knuckles turned white as he forced a halting step forwards towards the creature. he could feel the bonds holding him weaken further, the magic powering them starting to fray and come apart. With a snarl he forced another step drawing the dagger from its sheath with a slow and menacing flourish, a drawn out hiss reminiscent of a snakes heralding it's arrival into the open air.
For the first time the creature looked unsure of itself as it watched this young man do what should be impossible.
Empowered by this, Thane pushed with all his strength against the magic holding him and with an almighty crack like thunder, the magic snapped apart, the concussive blast from the break exploded outwards shattering glass in nearby windows and forcing the creature to stumble backwards in shock.
The magic holding him finally broken, Thane wasted no time. Before the creature could recover, he dropped into a low stance, quickly reversing his grip on the dagger he dashed forward low to the ground, closing the distance between them in a few strides.

The End

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