Prologue part 1

A medieval style adventure/fantasy/horror where not all is as it seems.
Contains Elves, dwarves, demons, monsters, magic and myth with a hint of my own personal flair for creation

Thane watched with horror as a faint smudge of undulating blackness detached itself from the shadows. First a gnarled hand, seemingly made up of the surrounding gloom, followed by a robed figure who seemed to coalesce into solid hunched form with eyes that shone like polished obsidian.
Thane's blood turned to ice at the sight of the creature as he tried to take a step back, his every instinct screaming for him to flee, but his limbs would not respond as much as he tried, something was keeping him held in place, a force unlike any he had felt before, weighing him down to the point where he found it hard to pull a breath.

It was in that moment that Thane realised the creatures sickening gaze was leveled on him, but it wasn't with menace or anger, but more a mild curiosity, it's head cocked to one side. He redoubled his efforts to move and run when it took one slow step towards him, the cobblestones decaying and breaking apart beneath it's bare blackened feet. he felt every muscle in his body scream in protest at his attempts to fight against the invisible bonds that held him rooted to the spot as the creature advanced, it's head tilting left, then right eyeing him up and down like one might their next meal.
Pale thin bloodless lips pulled back into a devilish grin revealing jagged teeth, Thane was a large man but even hunched over as it was, the creature was far larger then he, broad shoulders leading down to a barrel like chest, muscular arms hanging down, clawed fingers almost dragging the ground, it walked slightly bow legged as if ready to pounce at a moments notice.
it was only then that Thane realised trying to run was futile, even if he could, he knew without a doubt that this thing, this creature would catch him before he took more then a half dozen steps.
Resigning himself to this fate awakened a wellspring of anger inside him he never knew existed, if he was going to be this creatures next meal he would not go down without a fight.

The End

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