From a Creepy Prisoners Point of View

I dug my nails into the damp wall. I started to scratch the mortar between two bricks. The screechy chalk got stuck in my long yellow fingernails. My teeth started to grind as I desperately scratched the wall. The air was humid, the sound of coughing echoed through the moist cellars.

            A small window let a ray of light into my cell. The window was ten feet above me and was only twelve inches wide. Every now and then a soldier boot would stop in front of the window, making me jump.

            My cell smelled of cow dung. The floor was dirt and I had a small bunch of hay to sleep on. I hated this place with all my life. Sickness swarmed in and out of cells like bees to honey. I had been lucky to live all four months I had been imprisoned. Surviving was worthless. At the end of my fifth month I would be executed. Yet, I was going to get out, I had to. The idea of my death didn’t flow easily in my mind. I had killed thousands of people just by open fire. Some of my mates helped me but, were hanged within a week. Their bodies still hung from a tree, sending the message of death through the prisons walls.

            Last night I had pounded on every inch of my cellar wall. A rumor said that a secret passage had been hidden behind the wall of every cellar. I would do anything to get it out of here. So, why don’t I give the rumor a try? This was my twentieth hour of pounding the brick walls. Finally my fox like ears heard a hollow sound. Brilliance and self cleverness flew into my mind, like vultures to a rotting corpse.

My guards hadn’t even heard me performing the racket, for I did it so silently and cleverly they would never hear. I laughed quietly as a brick finally became loose. I peeked through to find an empty cellar, the door was wide open. Suddenly a loud voice shouted a demand. I spun around and saw a soldier in a sleek red uniform staring at me from the window. Our eyes made contact for one second. Horror filled his bleak eyes. Almost gracefully I lifted my finger to my lips and did a shushing noise. This made his eyes widen as he shouted more commands. Then he got up and disappeared.

Fear suddenly swallowed my heart. Eagerly I pulled out two more bricks. People were running frantically above me. Voices started to fill the basement of the prison. The soldier had told the prison guards. I told myself not to panic as I pulled more bricks out. Mortar and dust started to fill the air making me cough. My throat started to burn as a guard fumbled for keys. They were opening my cellar. Sweat dripped down my face. I pulled one last brick out as the door flung open. Ha! They were too late, for now I was running through the empty cellar. I started to laugh as I ran through another room that led through a flight of stairs and to a door. Only one flight of stairs to go and I would be free. Who cared about all those people I killed, I just had to blame my cocaine over dose! One more step and I will be fre-


“Did you shoot him?” Two soldiers in uniform stood by the villain’s body. 

“Yep, he’s dead alright. Bloody fool thought he could escape. Luckily Charley spotted him digging his way out of the cellar.” A soldier with blond hair kicked carelessly at the criminal’s body.

“Isn’t this the lad who went and shot a thousand people on Christmas day?” The other soldier said this looking at the criminal in disgust,

            “Yep, he’d be the lad. All of the soldiers were allowed to go home that day for Christmas dinner. He took advantage and killed all those people with a few of his mates. I just wonder why he did it. Well let’s pick him up and take him to the general before he bleeds a bloody mess.” The two soldiers picked up the villain trying not to get blood on their clean uniforms.

“Rather ugly lad.” The villain had black hair, a pointy nose, and an uneven jaw. One side of his mouth was shorter than the other. His thin lips were crooked, one tooth stuck out from under his top lip.

            “General might be happy that he doesn’t have to kill the man himself.” The soldiers laughed and carried the body away.

The End

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