Chapter 3

Froggy jumped as high as he could and landed on a fire escape ladder. He knew there, Tabs couldnt get him. Froggy watched Tabs try to get onto the later. He looked very mad.

"Get down here! You are my dinner!!" Growled Tabs through gritted teeth.

" I am no one's dinner!" said Froggy bravily.

Froggy waited until Tabs got bored and left. Then he jumped down and quickly jumped back onto the street. It was dark now. And the city lights looked beautiful. Froggy admired them very much. As he was hopping down the road, he saw that there werent that many people out. "I guess they sleep when we do." thought Froggy. As he hopped on some more, the city fell behind him and now he was in a park. Froggy was really tired and decided to rest under a mushroom. He quickly feel asleep on his suitcase. He started to think about all the things that had happened to him the past few days. About leaving Racoon, About almost being stepped on. About to knot on his head. Then he reached up to where he had bumped his head on the pole. Then his thoughts turned to tabs. Would Tabs come can look for him? What if he was alseep when it happened? Froggy tried really hard to keep awake. But exhaustion soon over came him and he drifted off into his Froggy little dreams.

             A little bit of sun shone through the side of the mushroom as Froggy woke up. He felt regenerated and a little bit better. But Froggy was thirsty. He found a pond and jumped in. His skin soaked on as much water as they could. It made Froggy feel alot better. He jumped out of the water and shook off and then wenton the rest of his way. Froggy admired the silence and beauty of the country again. Then he came upon a highway. As cars, trucks, and 18-wheelers roared by Froggy's admiration soon left. He suddenly got a headache from the all the vehicles going by. Froggy found a wood and went hopped into it. Wondering what the wood held for him to find.

  Froggy had just gotten into the wood and already, he didnt like it one bit. It was scary and big, there was no sunshine, and there were all these different and new sounds that frightened Froggy. He was very shaky and very careful when he went deeper and deeper into the wood. Behind him, Froggy heard a twig break. SNAP! Froggy must have jumped at like five feet into the air becuase he was now looking down below. Quickly, he figured out that he had jumped to a very shallow branch. Would it hold him? Froggy sure did hope so. He looked below him. "It sure does look pretty down there" said Froggy to himself. Then he suddenly felt guilty for being so afraid. He felt as if his ancestors were looking down upon him calling him a coward, Froggy sure did feel that way.

Froggy decided to travel by tree until he got securely out of the forest. He thought it was the same game to him as it was in the city. But this time, you have to watch out for alot more things like high branches, low branches, birds, and squirrels. He was amazed at how tiny everything looked to him from way up there. Everything look like specks of dust. While Froggy was looking down, He hadent realized that an owl was coming and it didnt appear to be stopping anytime soon. Froggy looked up and BAM! The owl hit him and Froggy fell very high to the woods floor. Then, he blacked out.

The End

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