Chapter 2

After walking for what Froggy thought was eternity, he came upon a city. Since he had never been to the city before, his eyes were almost bulging out of his head as he tried to take everything in. The moving vehicles, the many many people walking to their destination, the sky touching sky scrapers, the lights..."OW" said Froggy as he rubbed the knot that was now forming on his head. He had not been paying any attention to what was going on and ran into a light pole. Froggy stopped to rubb the knot that was now on his head, and kept on jumping. "Boy, it sure is hard to not get stepped on" he thought as he tried not to be pumbled by the thousands of feet. It was like hopscotch, with many many squares. After awhile, it was a game to him. He made a song out of it. "One jump to the left; Three to the right. Trying not to get stepped on; Sure is a fight" Froggy finaly came to an alley. He hopped down it thinking it would get him away from all those feet. But then he heard rustling to his right. He looked over. "What was that?" he thought aloud. Thinking it was just the wind, he kept on. Then he saw a quick shadow of a figure he didnt reconize, but it sure did look alot like Racoon. Then Froggy heard rustling to his left. This time he knew it was something. He turned around and cried out in fright, "H...h...hello? anyone there?" No answer. "Helloooo?" With no answer, Froggy again asumed it was the wind. He turned around and there was the biggest, fattest, most fuzziest thing he ever saw. Froggy didnt know what it was.But he saw that it was orange and white striped with two small ears and a thick tail. 

"Aye short stuff, why are you in my ally?" 

"I...I didnt know this was your ally. I'm awefully sorry uhh...sir? What are you, if you dont mind my asking I mean." 

The thing let out a big and thunderouse laugh. "Wow, you dont know what I am?" 

"No, I dont." 

"Silly short stuff you are, I am but the greatest cat ever alive!" said the cat with great pride. 

"Excuse me, But whats a cat?" 

"Whats a cat?" mimicked the cat. "A cat is but the most civilized animal ever created!!" 

"Oh, well its nice to meet you Mr...I'm sorry but I didnt get your name." 

"Its Tabs." 

"Nice to meet you Tabs. My name is Froggy." 

"What kind of name is 'Froggy?" emphasized Tabs. 

"Its the name that my mother gave me thank you very much!" Said froggy getting very over protective of his name. "My mother gave it to me!", and he cherished his name very much. Since his mother passed a year ago from a car, He told himself he would never let anyone make fun of his name. 

"Well excuse em moi!" 

"I think I should get going now." 

"Oh no you dont!!!" Cried out Tabs as he pounced.

The End

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