Froggys Adventures

Froggy is on his way to visit his uncle, encountering variouse obstacles.


Chapter 1 

"Get over here Racoon," said Froggy one hot summer day. "I'm coming, hold your croaks!" Racoon replied vividly. Froggy was taking Racoon to the pond to show him the new family of fish. Racoon finally came and they started walking. Well hopping in Froggys case. Froggy was giddy about showing Racoon the new family of fish that he talked all the way there. Racoon, who was listening and trying to keep up with the very excited Froggy, got very excited about seeing the new family of fish to. 

Finally, when they got their they saw the new family of fish. Racoon said "Wow, look at all of those fish!" Froggy replied meanly "No, Racoon you cant eat them! They deserve to live as mush as we do." Racoon got very mad at this but walked over and welcomed the new family of fish to the neighborhood. The family of fish seemed a little frightned at first but then they overcame thier own fears and came and talked to Racoon and Froggy. That was when Froggy and Racoon got a real good look at them. The family all looked the same. A shiny dark blue colour with the tips of all of their fins were spotted black with green eyes. What looked to be the father of them said in a deep deep voice and extending his fin said "Hey, Nice to meet you, We are the Beta's." Froggy, who was a little scared of how the fathers voice boomed, hid behind Racoons hind legs. Racoon shook the father fishes fin and felt how slimy it was. Father beta noticed how Racoons face looked and apologized for the slimyness.Father beta explained that the family that lived before them didnt tend to the house very well. Racoon understood. Froggy finally came to his senses and came out from behind Racoons legs. Father Beta was taken aback by how big Froggy was. He told his family to keep back and they did so. After talking for quite sometime, Father Beta decided it was time to go and finish unpacking. Everyone said their goodbyes and Racoon and Froggy were on their way back home. 

Once Froggy was back home he noticed that he had a piece of paper on his table. He hopped over and looked at it, it was a letter from him uncle in China. He read it and this is what it said: 

Dear Nephew, 

How is it in the country? China over here is facinating. You should come and visit me and my family sometime. We would love to have your presence around our hut. You would be here with the kids and your aunt during the day while I'm at the factory but I think you would have a great time. Come and visit us sometime. 

Your uncle, 


Now of coarse it was in frog lanuage, we translated it to english. Froggy thought it over for many hours. Pondering how he would get there, How long it would take?, How long would he stay?, And what about Racoon? He thought for many long, grueling hours until sleep finally over came him and he went to bed with the questions jumping around in his head like crickets. He woke up the next morning with the sunshine slapping across his face. He woke up almost instantly. Froggy went into the bathroom and washed himself then started to pack. He had chosen to go and see his uncle. Froggy made sure everything was in its place and he locked the door and was on his way to China to see his uncle. 

Racoon ran up to Froggy and scared him. Racoon started talking very, very fast. "What?....why?...when will you be back? how long will you be there? what am I suposed to do while your away?!!" Froggy croaked really loud and Racoon squealed. Froggy started to explain about the letter and that he thought it would be nice to go and see his family for a change. Racoon understood and waved goodbye and Froggy hopped off into the morning sun. 

The End

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