The Observers

There was a man standing on the street corner. No one should have recognized him as anyone special – bald, black suit and tie and a briefcase. If there was anything out of the ordinary with this man, it was that he virtually had no eyebrows. He hated it when people commented on his lack of eyebrows.

Another man appeared walking towards the first. There was nothing special about him either. But the careful observer would find that the second man was almost identical to the first besides a few slight changes to the facial features.

But the Observers didn’t enjoy being observed, so it is highly unlikely that you would find yourself observing them to begin with.

“I am glad that you could make it,” The first man greeted the second. His voice was mostly monotone with a slight pleasant lilt. It hinted at origins other than North America.


“Yes,” The second man agreed, setting his briefcase down to adjust his tie.


“Have you discovered the invader?” The first asked, his brow furrowed as though he was in deep thought.


“Yes, but I must digress – he is not an invader,”

The first turned to look at the second, a questioning look painted upon his pale face.

“He has come to assist us, I believe,” The second told him, bending to pick up the briefcase once more.


Behind them, a little girl skipped past, licking a rather large ice cream cone. Her mother chased after her, calling her name and laughing. Both were oblivious to the Observers.


“And if he does not?” The first asked.

“Then we shall make him do so,”

The End

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