A Green Pen. Also, Cake.

“It’s the strangest thing Peter,”

“I know Walter. You’ve told me before. Five times, actually,”

Walter circled the blood stained operation table one last time as though his favorite green pen would reappear on its own.

“I put it right – there,” He pointed at the tray which contained several instruments used for slicing open dead bodies.

”By now, I’d say it’s inside a coffin,” Astrid commented while stirring a bowl full of cake mix.

Peter folded his arms, waiting for his absent minded father to finally give up the hopeless search for his green pen.

The cow mooed in the corner, punctuating the moment.

“Hey guys!” At first, Peter thought it was the cow that had spoken and that he’d finally, completely, lost his mind.

But when he turned towards the door, he was relieved to find it was Olivia, having returned with Chinese take-out and an important looking document.


“Thank God,” Peter muttered, shaking himself out of his cramped position from standing so long.


“Hey guys!” She called, smiling broadly. Astrid acknowledged her by waving a batter covered spoon in her direction.

Walter stabbed the air with a green pen, “I’ve found it! It was in my pocket,” He explained to Astrid who began to laugh.


“We have a new mission. Apparently there’s been some sort of phenomena happening near here in a local park,” Olivia pulled the folder out from under her arm and handed it to Peter.


He flipped it open, “Strange rectangular object appeared out of nowhere,” Peter read aloud.


“Interesting. However, something cannot appear out of nowhere because nowhere is not an actual place. It is a state of –” Walter hesitated when his son gave him a glare that could kill, “Mind…” He finished, although still wary of Peter.


“Well, while you guys do that I will be making cake,” Astrid told them.

The End

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