Fringe: Doctor Who?

A Fringe/Doctor Who fanfiction crossover :)


“Temporal disturbance detected”

The Doctor jumped back in shock. The TARDIS was talking? He calmed his strung out nerves and examined the screen before him. In bright red lettering, the word WARNING was flashing over and over again.

“It’s never done that before,” He mused, tapping at it with his fingernail.

“Warning. Temporal disturbance detected,”

The Doctor had recently uploaded Idris’s voice into the TARDIS voice alerts so it would sound like her.

“Alright, alright, don’t get your panties in a wad,” He muttered, flipping switches and spinning dials as he attempted to correct the issue.

“Event horizon collapse in ten, nine…”
The Doctor ran his fingers through his hair, “How can this be happening?!” He cried, his voice echoing off the walls of the TARDIS.

“Eight, seven, six – temporal disturbance temporarily stabilized. Immediate action suggested,”

The Doctor paused, his finger hovering over a bright blue button that was just dying to be pressed. “Now that’s really odd,”

He located the source of the disturbance with a quick command typed into the typewriter.

“Okay!” The typewriter dinged as it locked on, “Now it should-”

Then something very odd happened. His typewriter, which was built into the console, began to type on its own.


“Ah. That’s bad. That’s very not good,”


The End

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