Party Time

"Alison," Lily caught me in the hallway after fourth period.


"Are you going to that party tonight? The one at Drake's place?" 

"Oh, probably. Do you know if Greg's going? If he goes, I will."

"Alright. I guess I'll ask him when I can," Lily turned the other way and went to her class.

I was excited for the party, but at the same time I was nervous. Drake was known to have really crazy parties, and I hoped this one wouldn't go to extremes.


Turns out, Greg was going too. Since he had a license and I only had a permit,  he picked me up at a time that we could arrive at the party a few minutes late, at 10:03.

When we walked in Drew's front door, we were consumed by the crowd. We happened to find each other in front of Drake. "Great party," Greg yelled above the noise.

"Thanks," Drake yelled back. "Feel free to get a drink over there," he pointed to a table with snacks and a couple two-liter soda bottles.

We made our way over, and when we got closer, we realized there were two kegs, also. Greg got two red plastic cups and filled them with beer. He handed me one. "Uh, last time I checked we were eighteen," I said uncomfortably.

"Hm," he smiled. "More for me."

Now, I didn't know how Greg was with alcohol, but I wasn't really willing to find out, so I spotted Lily and swam through the crowd towards her. "You do know there's beer here, right?"

"Yeah," she said nonchalantly. "Don't know how, but Drake always manages to get some at his parties."

I stepped backwards. All that my parents had told me gave me the instinct to leave this party. But the only way out was Greg - who just came up to me with only half a cup of beer left.

Whether I liked it or not, I was going to have to stay.

The End

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