it is a poem about friendship and how it can change and develop
this is my first published piece of writing
feel free to comment and give feedback . It would be greatly appreciated !!

It has been 20 years today

Yet still difficult to comprehend

We called each other names

Sadly none of those were friend


We argued forever it seemed

Even hours at a time

Yet neither had the courage to say

The fault was entirely mine


As our friendship took a turn

Nor you or I accepted the blame

We drifted so far apart

Never to be the same


For your words cut deep

Painful as a knife

Not being your friend

Was the biggest mistake of my life


Our friendship now broken to pieces

And scattered upon the floor

I wonder if things will go back

To the way they were before

For laughter and trust

Virtues we once liked to share

Our happiness together

Was something beyond compare


My prayers have been answered

No longer do I worry

For it takes only one word

To say you are truly sorry


As the puzzle pieces

Come together once more

Our friendship and bond

Was stronger than ever before

The End

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