February 7th 2018.Mature

Dear Diary,

I can hear them again. Arguing.

He came home late as always and my mother was waiting for him in his study, probably drinking his collection of expensive scotches.

Their shrill voices scream louder and louder in my ears. He was with her again. His other woman. Mother has been drinking more and more whilst spending more time with her plastic surgeon. It seems as though she has finally given up pretending to play happy families for those outside the walls of our home...


The sound of various bottles smashes, barely missing my father’s head as he walks into his study. The scotch puddles whilst glass is splintered on the marble floor.  

Standing in the doorway, I can feel myself go rigid. Closing my eyes, I try to ignore the thoughts running through my head as every word they hiss at each other feels like it is my heart is ripping as my chest tightens.

“Don’t listen to them Kali.” Natara’s hands protectively hold my shoulders and I realise that I have been shaking uncontrollably. 

She leads me towards my bedroom, closing the door firmly behind us. I ball my hands into fists as their shouting can still be heard through the walls.

Natara turns on my stereo. The drum and base loudly thumps around the room, drowning out all other sounds. Grabbing my shaking hands, Natara pulls me to my feet as she moves or limbs around in variously strange angles.

“Loosen up Kali!” She giggles as she spins me around, faster and faster.

A small smile spreads across my lips at the sparkle in her eyes.

With a small stumble, we both crash to the floor in a fit of giggles. Sitting up, a pillow flies directly towards my head, pushing me back down again as Natara races away. “Oh, you are so dead!” I laugh as I get to my feet with a pillow in each hand.

I run after, both of us laughing as if we were little kids again.

Once we were both fully out of breath, I collapse on my bed, sinking deeply into the memory foam. A small weight is added to the bed next me. I smile softly at Natara and she sticks her tongue out at me. “I’ll always be here for you Kali.”




She lied to me.

She said that she would always be here for me, but she's not here now. Now that I need her most...





The End

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