December 31st 2017Mature

Dear Diary,

For months now, Natara and I have been inseparable! Together we go shopping, to the cinema, swimming at the beach and, of course, partying! It’s hard to believe that she used be a shy little nobody until I helped her. Now, she is a beautiful young woman, her tongue is just as sharp of her long false nails.

We spend near every hour of the day together, and when we don’t, we are constantly texting one another. I have told her things that no one has ever known about me. It’s something about those big eyes of hers that just gets me to open up to her. I blame the mascara I got her for her birthday – not that she really needed it.  

Can you believe that it was just one month ago that we were on a night out and she stood up against those drunk men who cornered me outside? They were so eww. And I mean ewwww! Old men with fat beer bellies trying to touch me. When Natara showed up, I have never seen someone with so much fire in her eyes and poison on her tongue. She was like some kind of Indian warrior protecting her beloved goddess. That was when I knew that my instincts in helping her become like me were right. She’s my best friend.

Tonight is a big night for her. Tonight, we are having a kick arse new year’s eve party at mine, joint-hosted! A lot is riding on tonight.

Even though Natara is my best friend, she isn’t officially in our group yet so everyone will be watching her tonight. We can’t allow just anyone to join us now can we? What if they do something utterly embarrassing like kissing an utter dweeb?

Natara will be over in two hours to help decorate the beach house. I wonder how tonight will go…

The music blares out above the sound of talking and laughter. From the upstairs landing, I smile down at everyone, knowing that I am their queen. They live for me. I mean, what would they do if I wasn’t here? Who would tell them what looks good or where they should party? At Cindy Temples’ house? I don’t think so. That old crow can carry on kissing my feet.

“Natara babe, have a drink!” I sling my arms around her, passing her one of the margaritas in my hands. She giggles, her slender arm wrapped around me as he gratefully sips deeply at the liquid. “So Natara,” I lead her down the steps, getting closer to our guests smiling brightly. “Tonight is the night.” Out of the corner of my eyes, I smile at her wickedly as I raise my eyebrows suggestively.

Down on the ground floor, the music vibrates through the floor. Faces flash as we past, desperately trying to grab my attention but I have other things on my mind. “The night for what?” I shake my head as I lead her towards the open doors of the garden where a huge bonfire and swimming pool rests around the teenage bodies drunkenly having fun.

I can hear her moan besides me, causing a giggle to pass through my lips. “Girl, what are you planning?” Her hot breath whispers against my ear after we finish our drinks. The other female member of our group stride over with ciders in their hands and cigarette hanging from their mouths.

“Once again, another kick arse party Kali!” Mia smiles as she sways to the music, her eyes red from whatever she is smoking. Ava and Penelope laugh, talking frantically about who has made out with who and how dreadful some others look.

“Now what do we have here?” Rennie smiles from nearby, leaning against a short wall with the rest of the guys from the basketball team. His eyes travel down our bodies, the heavy smell of alcohol greets us as we get closer. “Oh, honey, not even in our dreams would we go for you.” Natara smiles coldly causing the other guys to snicker. Rennie moves closer to us with a slick smile. “And why’s that?”

“Because even in your dreams, you have a little problem.” I wink at Natara smiling, pushing him aside as the guys laugh and grab the last beer. The girls laugh as he shrugs and walks away to get another drink. My gaze turns towards the lean form of Felix. “Felix!” I detach myself from Natara as I wrap my arms around her crush. “Natara likes you.” I whisper into his ear, causing a soft blush against his cheeks. “Felix, go show Natara to the kitchen and get her a drink.”

Natara opens her mouth to protest but I turn my back on her after sending her a wink.

I drink the contents of the can as we laugh, dancing with the rest of the team.

Dear Diary,

I am soooooooooo good! Seriously, I am basically an angel! An match-making genius!

After having Félix take Natara away, they danced together and ba-ba-baaaaa sparks starting flying! They were so cute standing by the fire kissing!

Well, that was until we all jumped into the pool and got soaking wet! The boys didn’t seem to mind though.

Natara crawled into my bed with a blissful smile on her face, mumbling sweet nothings about how it was the best night of her life. Seem I told you that I am brilliant didn’t I?


The End

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