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Amusingly, the girls don’t like the new girl much. Mia, Ava and Penelope keep attempting to uncover some sort of scandal with their provoking eyes and the sharp tongues of their perfectly makeup-ed lips.

 They can’t understand why I was so nice to a girl dressed the way Natara was today. Why I am working so hard to make her one of us. The ones who ev-er-ryone wants to be. Don’t they get that I am bored? This challenge keeps things interesting.

Natara Fitzpatrick sat with us at lunch, blushing brilliantly but she is still sh-y! She has been allllll over the world and yet she is shy. When Rennie James and his brain-meltingly boring gang of basketballers crash our table. Don’t get me wrong, just because they don’t have the most exciting conversation doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful. Us cheerleaders have to cheer for someone and with our team being full of the hot-tessst basketball players of all time!

Of course, Rennie was all over me as usual but flicked my hair and rolled my eyes. Both of us like the a little challenge and he’s not used to girls saying no. Whilst Rennie was trying to keep my attention, I noticed our very own new girl getting nervous and shy over Felix Duncan flashing his boyish smile at her…

The final bell rings loudly, signalling freedom for everyone as they rush to escape the prison which is Hemlock Cross High.

Smiling into the small mirror in my locker, I reapply my gloss whilst seeing the reflection of Natara Fitzpatrick at her locker. With a few strides, I grab hold of her arm, dragging her around the mall and forcing her to try on outfit after out-fit!

“Text your parents, you will be home later than expected tonight.” One look at her face seems to say that she wants to protest but I will her closer as my car comes into view. “Come on girl, I have the per-fect outfit for you to try on! You will love it! And maybe Félix will too.”


The End

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