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“Now, some things that you need to know.” I smile brightly down at the flustered Indian teenager, my eyes scanning over her class route. “Okay, Mr. Franks, our ancient myth and legend professor, is weird with a capital WTF. He’s a loser but we can stroll in late whenever we want.”

“H-He doesn’t mind?” I laugh at her. “As long as we don’t mess with his flow. Now, the food here is terrible unless it is smothered in chocolate” I pull her to a stop, looking her over. “Someone of your bone structure, I’d suggest that you lay off the chocolate.”

Pulling on her thin arm, I drag her into the ladies bathroom. Walking in front of the sinks, I reapply my lip glossing the mirror, my eyes on the new girl. “Shouldn’t we be in homeroom?” Turning my head to the side, I ignore her as I squint my eyes at her. “We have got to do something about your outfit.” Reaching into my back, I pull out a different shade of gloss. “Here, try this.”

Natara stares wide-eyed, holding the gloss with a slight confused look. I laugh lightly, grabbing her arms and turning her around so that she is facing the mirror and I am standing behind her. She slowly opens the gloss. “Now we apply a thin layer.” Taking her hand, the gloss coats her bottom lip. “Now pucker. It will spread the gloss evenly. See, you look more beautiful already new girl.”

She does as I say as I wrap my arms around her shoulders, smiling brightly at her. “Why are you doing this? You don’t know me and I don’t even know your name.” I run my hands through her thin black hair, giving it some volume. “Don’t pretend honey, you know exactly who I am ever since you walked into this school. My name is Kali Willow, and I am doing this because you really need my help.” I wink at her reflection.

She narrows her eyes to argue but her voice is caught in her throat at the raise of my thin eyebrow. “Just a few more adjustments, close your eyes.” I lift her dark green skirt, moving it further away from her thin knees. I remove her old, moth bitten jacket, replacing it with an oversized baseball jersey. Opening a few buttons on her tight white shirt.  I smile proudly looking into her face. “You are so lucky that you don’t need to wear mascara much less false lashes.” Moving away from Natara, I apply some more blush against my cheekbones. “You can open your eyes Natara.” The new girl opens her eyes slowly, making me laugh at her happily surprised expression.

The bell rings, signalling first period. "Now you're ready for your first day at Hemlock Cross High."

The End

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