Where It All Started.Mature

If you want to know the story –the real story- then you must read from where it all started…

September 1st 2017.

Dear Diary,

Finally there is something interesting happening!

Don’t get me wrong, being the Queen Bee of Hemlock Cross High is great but I was getting rather bored of the same old things. With everyone falling at my feet worshipping me and knowing their place, I often wonder what it would be like to do things differently.

Walking through the shiny white hallways with some of the girls I have known since preschool rapidly talking and texting behind me, I smiled as everyone moved out of our way, all eyes on us. After I put my books into my blue locker, I checked my makeup in the mirror as I run my fingers through my wavy blonde hair, and that is when I saw her. Natara Fitzpatrick.

She had a stupid look on her face, like a lost puppy, with her outfit that was sooooo two months ago! The girls snickered at her as she attempted to open her locker. With just one look at her flat black hair and coffee completion, a smile formed on my lips.

Walking over to her, I smiled brightly as I introduced myself. Her green eyes widened in surprise at someone like me –perfect in every way- talking to a nobody who was her. I know that it doesn’t seem like me but as I said, I was bored of the normality of everything.

I linked my arm with hers, a smile plastered on my rosy pink lips as I promised her that her life was about to change forever...

“So Natara, ready for your life to change?”


The End

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