July 18th 2018.Mature

This is a story about teenage friendship, presented in a darker tone than usual.

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Dear Diary,

Today was just like any other day. The weather was a-maz-ing! Throwing on my bikini and a pair of cute demin shorts and sun glasses, I loaded my new convertible -a birthday gift from Daddy as he wasn't able to see me this year. Again.- I threw in everything needed for the perfect summer day for my best friend and I. 

Natara and I drove out to my lake house with the roof down and the music blaring, just like old times. Today was the first day that I saw Natara smile in so long. She looked so young and free. Her laughter made the summer sun seem to shine down even brighter as we sped down the lanes.

Once there, we quickly unloaded the car, drinking the finest scotch from my mothers' drink cabinet. I gave Natara and quick tour of the three-story wooden lake house equipped with en-suites for every room and an indoor gym, with its own sauna and Jacuzzi! Yes, it is good to be this young, this beautiful and this rich!

After drinking more –a lot more- and having the blaring sun shining directly onto us, we ran onto the pier and jumped into the clear cooling waters of the lake. During our time splashing each other and laughing in the luxurious lake, Natara smiled more than she had done in months! It felt as though I just got my best friend back.

Getting out of the lake to grab us some food, I looked back at the beautiful young woman swimming blissfully in the gleaming waters, looking like an Indian princess in all her finery.

It’s funny looking back now, remembering how much fun Natara and I were having in the water and how youthfully free she looked, it never crossed my mind that before the day ended Natara would be drowning at the bottom of that lake.


The End

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