It was wrong but felt rightMature

Still Danny's P.O.V

We were fully naked by now and damn she looked so sexy, she's really skinny but not too skinny just right, her puff red lips are so kissible, she's just so perfect the girl and the only girl for me...I pinned her to the sofa and "ready for some fun babe" I whispered in her ear and she giggled "y-yes" she sluttered...I slowly moved in her and went slow at first then a little bit faster every time...and every time she moaned it was so cute...I just couldn't halp but laugh at her cuteness...."what are you laughing at" she said "its so cute when you moan" I said while laughing "oh shut up and just keep going or I'll leave" she said and pulled my hair as she moaned..."ouch not the hair" I yelped

The End

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