3 years later

I didn't really understand how amazing my life was until now. I lived in a castle among clouds, I had a beautiful and strong husband, I had servants at the click of a finger and I had me, carved into the front of the castle. Nothing could be any better than this.

It had been 3 years, and my love for my wondrous Emperor had grown stronger day by day. But I never normally talked to the guards, I said thank-you when they opened doors for me and protected me but one seemed so, cautious of me. He seemed more...special than the rest. He was very protective and he was normally the one who said good-morning first and he was the one who said good-night just before my husband did. He was the one who made sure servants were there and he made sure I was healthy. He was my favourite guard, though I didn't know his name.


"Are you coming?!"I called to her loudly.

"Yes! Just one minute..." I groaned. This would take forever, I had to see her now.I had to save her. A man called Nero warned me about this a while ago. And I took his advise. I decided to save Mokoto.

Her mother slowly came out of the large door smiling at me. "You look exactly like her," I smiled at Mokoto's mother.

That's right, she's alive. 

When I got out of the cloud emperors castle, I went back to the abandoned hospital in my home town. Her mother was there, still in bed, no-one beside her. I helped her, I needed someone else with me, I hadn't talked to anyone in days.  A man came, his name was Nero, he just wandered in from who knows where and helped me with her. He got her alive again. I don't know how but when I went to fetch her medicine she was up and happy, smiling at me saying she remembers me when I was a little toddler. Nero and her were all I had left of friends.

Before Nero disappeared out of thin air he told me I had to come up with a plan to save Mokoto, he gave me a sheet of paper. It said,

You don't know how long I've waited for you.I've been sitting,waiting,wishing you would come and you did. You were here to save her, so I came. You have to save her, there is nothing else I can do. She is married to the emperor and she can't remember anything. Castle upon the clouds. Go there. Help her. Save her.

At the bottom of the page in small print it said,

Good luck.

That was it, that was all it said. I came up with a plan and now me and her mother are going to save her. Singing all the way. Now all we need to know is to get up there.


"Oh what a glorious dinner this is!"I exclaimed over the long table to the emperor.

"Oh thank-you, you are so kind. I can't believe you are all mine,"he smiled to himself and I giggled.

"I can't believe you are all mine!" I squealed in delight. "I must rest, it has been a long day. Good-night, my love." I tucked out of my chair and kissed his cheek lightly.

"Good-night."He whispered. I slowly walked to my room, the guard behind me. The guard. I turned to him when I got to my bedroom doors.

"Are you bathing tonight mistress?" He asked politely.

"No, but I would like someone to help me change into my night clothes,"I smiled.

"Ok, I shall go fetch a servant mistress." He grinned back and walked around the hallway, calling for someone. I walked into my room and looked out of the window over the clouds at the setting sun. I smiled. A young woman walked in and closed the doors, she was new.

"I'm here to change your clothes mistress," The girl said in a Scottish  accent. 

"Fine, you may prepare me for bed," I sighed and let her take off my clothes. I hated new ones, they were irritating.

"I must say you have a beautiful figure mistress," The woman said, pulling on my nightdress. I sighed heavily.


"I don't mean to interfere mistress, but you seem a wee young to be married..." 

"I'll do what I like!" I boomed at her. "Now get out of here!" She hurried out quickly and closed my doors as I stumbled into bed, exhausted.

The End

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