The honeymoon of no return

I gave up putting up a fight as I was pushed into what looked like a small golden helicopter. My life was over anyway, what was the point?

"It's ok my darling! Why do you look so depressed? You're about to go on honeymoon!" He looked into my eyes, even though his voice was friendly I could sense the darkness behind his words.

"Pardon my lack of enthusiasm, I'm just tired."

"Good!" He seemed happy again, and for the rest of the journey he allowed me to sleep against the seat.

When I woke up I was surprised to find that we were outside the very building we had left hours ago.

"What happened? Where are we?"

"Well I was advised to skip the honeymoon and bring you back... To help you settle in..."  The mood seemed to have changed while I slept and I saw the emporer shoot a filthy look at Nero, who didn't react. I was confused but it didn't mar my 'joy' at being back, I figured at least here I knew where I was.

"Get out then."

The emporer had become violent and I was slightly afraid, unwilling to show it however, I did as he asked and followed him around the side of the castle to a smaller building. It was only one room, raised off the ground, and the walls were made of plain, grey stone. It was nothing compared to the grand castle beside it.

I followed him inside, filled with trepidation and fear of whatever was to come, I didn't trust this, something was wrong. As I went to climb the steps after my husband Nero grabbed my wrist and whispered in my ear.

"I'm so sorry, this is best for you, I promise. I know it's not what you wanted... But soon you'll be happy again."

"What?!" He didn't answer my question and I was thrust into the room.

The inside of the building was empty, aside from a large marble pillar protruding from the ground. It was covered in handprints and upon closer inspection they were set into the marble, as if they were carved in. My husband held out his hand to me and I followed him toward the odd sculpture.

"As your husband I feed you, clothe you, give you a home to stay in and anything else you desire. I feel it is only fair that you re-pay me for my efforts."

I raised an eyebrow at him, trying to figure out where this speech was going. I didn't need to think for very long.

"I ask you to put your hand onto this marble, it will absorb 75% of your power, which I will use to strenghten our army."

 His blunt request threw me, 75% was a huge amount! I opened my mouth to argue or question, but I had no chance to do either, as he grabbed my wrist and thrust my hand into the stone with surprising force.

"N-no! That's too much!"

I stammered as my hand sank deeper into the white rock, burning into it as though it was butter. I felt my hand blister with the white-hot heat that the marble burned with and feared I may easily collapse with the pain until it stopped. My hand felt numb, as though I had slept on it and I became tired suddenly, he was definatly taking too much of my power! I tried to throw him away with my other hand but to my horror I was unable to use the abilitys I had become so confident with! I looked desperatly at Nero, but he simply looked away, too ashamed to meet my gaze.

The bluriness of my vision became apparent and the next thing I remembered was falling to the floor and being caught by the emporer, before passing out.

I woke up in my bed, changed into my nightclothes, my face was sticky with tears, however I didn't recall waking up before that point. I felt drained, as though I had undergone some huge operation and had yet to recover. This was all too much. I had attempted to see the positives, I had tried resignation, but all of my approaches failed. So I merely sank back into my mattress and wept tears of self-pity.

I stayed in that helpless position for what felt like days, although the moon told me that only hours had passed. At around what I assumed to be three in the morning I heard a knock at the door. I didn't respond until the pale faced woman let herself in.

"Are you well mistress?"


"Is there anything I can do?"


"Well I disagree! I can make your life perfect very quickly!"

"Go on then, I'd like to see you try!"

This had all been very abrupt, but I didn't really understand the importance of her words. I drank the potion she had given me with absolutley no ceremony. There was no fan-fare, no banging or light display, I just drank it down then fell asleep but after that I was never really myself again. That was the last thing I remembered.


I woke up the following morning buzzing with energy! I jumped out of bed and sat at my mirror before summoning some of the servants to prepare me for the beautiful day ahead.

"Where are you all?!" The identical women all flocked to my side and dressed me, whilst others did my make-up.

"Hurry will you?! I'll be late for breakfast!"

"Yes mistress."

When they were done I made my way down to the grand hall and sat down to the feast laid on for me, halfway through my gorgeous husband joined me at the table.

"Are you feeling better today Mokoto?"

"I'm perfect! How could I not be?" I replyed, kissing him gently, a girly smile taking residence on my face.

"Brilliant! Lets take a walk now shall we?"

I nooded and took hold of his strong arm. As we walked over the clouds I smiled and as I looked up at my face, carved into purple stone, smiling back at me.

The End

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