The Cloud Emporer

I stared at Jairo’s limp body, lying on the ground, pale and fragile.

“What did you do to him?!” I screamed at my new ‘fiancé’. I cringed at the thought.

“Well, we locked him away for a little while, without food…or water. Guards, close the curtain.” He called to the tall men.

“No, let him go!” I screamed. They pulled the long red curtain as Jairo reached his hand out for me.

“Let me explain this more thoroughly.” The man got up from the table and slowly walked towards me. “I, am the Cloud emperor. So you do as I say. We marry, we live happily ever after…or little Jairo here,” He sniggered to him and drew a line across his neck with his finger. “will get the cut.” He laughed.

“You touch him.” I hissed.

“So we can?! Oh thank-you! Now lets eat!” He pushed me to the table and shoved me down on the seat, tears trickled down my pale cheeks. I could tell my make-up was a mess.

“Stop crying. Now here, eat.” He pushed me my plate of lobster and salad.

“No-thank you.” I whispered.

“Eat.” He spat.

“Not until you let him go.” I looked into his ugly face.

“Or what?” He laughed.

“I will not marry you.” I stood up from the table and pushed my chair back so it fell backwards on the floor. The red-eyes men who surrounded the room took a step forward, but the Emperor shook his hand to them and they stepped back.

“Well you can’t run if that’s what you’re thinking.” He chuckled with the men.

“You cannot marry me, for I am too young. It is illegal, where I come from.” I tried to make my face look frightening, my attempt failed.

“In my country, in my cloud, it is legal, because I say so.” He shouted fiercely. I sat down.

“I’ll make you a deal, if right now, right now I mean. You let Jairo go, I shall marry you.” He smiled wickedly. “Under one condition.”

“Yes my love?” He whispered.

“You give him food, now, you give him water, now. You mend his injuries, now and you treat him with respect right now. You have to let me go to my room, alone. And after Jairo is well treated and healthy he goes as he pleases.” I looked him in the eye then looked towards the curtain for a short second.

“Fine, anything else?” He asked.

“Could you let me speak to him…for a minute please.” I plead.

“3 minutes.” He sighed. “Guards take her to the glass room. Keep the curtain open, for me.” He smiled.

“Closed.” I hissed.

“As you wish my love,” He kissed my hand and I pulled it away, walking back to a large wooden door. I looked at Nero, ashamed then I looked at the guards who pulled the curtains.

“Where do I go?” I asked the fattest one.

“Go to the corner of the curtain and lift it, there should be a door.” He huffed.

“Thank-you.” I walked into the corner of the large dining room and lifted the heavy curtain to see a small door, I shoved it open until I saw an empty and cold room with a body lying on the ground. I wiped my make-up off on the back of my arm and ran to the body, kneeling down beside it.

“Jairo?” I whispered, tapping his arm. He gently lifted his long lashes to reveal the beautiful eyes I had been waiting for.

“It’s you, it’s really…you…”He croaked, leaning on my body and falling back into a sleep.

“Jairo listen to me.” I pulled him up. I searched around the room to see if anyone was watching me, they were bound to be. “I have to marry the Emperor to set you free, they will make you better, I’ve told them too. I’m so sorry I’ve put you through this.” I hugged him tightly. “You are my only friend. ,” I hugged him tighter than ever and stroked his face, lying there with him until a guard came and took me out. “Make him better, give him food, water, mend his wounds.” I demanded and walked in the direction that the Emperor went, shaking out of fear, hurt and frustration. Mostly because the only friend I had that was alive, had to leave.

The End

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