The temple in the sky

I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be human. I wanted my parents to be alive and my friends to be alive and my whole town to be alive. I didn't want to feel important. I didn't want to be here right now. I don't want powers. I want Jairo to be alive, I don't even know if he is. I be happy again.

I awoke startled, sweat broken out across my forehead. It was dark and Jairo wasn't in sight. "Jairo? Jairo?!" I called scared. "Where are you?" I shouted now. I couldn't let him die. I heard faint footsteps getting louder so I curled into my ball of nothingness and shut my eyes. The footsteps stopped but I heard the breathing blowing on me, it was heavy breathing, almost panting like a dog. Everything was silent apart from that.

It was only one person. I could tell because I only heard one pair of footsteps and only one persons breathing apart from mine which was much quieter. " locked away somewhere for now." A low, angry voice murmerd. I opened my eyes. A tall, olive coloured figure stoof infront of me, its eyes blood red and its hair messy.

"Who are you? Where's Jairo!?" I shouted at him.

"I told you, we locked him away, and my name is Nero." He smiled down at me and I heard muffled laughter coming from behind him.

"You can take me but don't take Jairo, just let him go he'll be no use to you! Please...let him go." I cryed, tears streaming down my hot cheeks and landing on my knees. The man bent down infront of me.

"Look love, I want to let him go, I want to let you go. I want to do alot of things right now that I know I shouldn't, but, all of these men behind me, they want me to train you so I can use your powers and drain your energy. I have a plan. I'm going to get you out of here but In the meen time Jairo has to stay where he is. I will give him food. You can't tell any of the other men about this. I'm sorry, but to do this plan I might have to drain atleast a quarter of your powers to let you go. When you get out of this temple you run. You run faster than anything else in the world. Take Jairo. I'll tell the other men that you escaped, I'll pay for what I am doing but I can't let this happen." He whispered winking at me and getting up. "YOU STUPID LITTLE GIRL!"He shouted at me, winking again and walking back to the laughing men. I smiled. I knew I would be getting out of here with Jairo, and only a quarter of my powers would dissapear! Nero was kind man.

I knew I would get out of here, even if I got hurt to get out, me and Jairo would be out of here alive, I just wanted to see him.

The End

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