Deja vu

We ate, we slept, we straveled, we ate we slept we traveled. Continuous. It never stopped, ever. But somehow we always ended up in a forest, were we going around in circles? Was someone deliberatley doing this too us? Was it all suposed to look the same? Confused and disoriented I sat on the log next to Jairo.

"Jairo. She's coming. We're going around in circles, she's doing it on perpose. It's her. Run.Run Jairo!" The wind howled and the sky went black we stood up imediatley and the cooking fire went out.

"I'm not leaving you." He took my hand.

"Jairo GO, NOW!" I screamed before hearing beastly laughes and a harsh loud cackle, a tear trickled down my eye. This was death. It was pitch black and all I could feel was the mud seeping through my toes, the wind blowing my hair around and the sweaty moisture from Jairo's hand.

The laughes got louder. i shut my eyes, not that I couldn't see anything. I shut them for a few second and everything was silent. The wind went. I dared to open one eye and she was standing there, surrounded by identical tall men. Jairo kept his eyes shut. Their eyes were all bright red, the men were all a metre taller than her but they didn't look as dangerous.

"I dare you to move." She cackled. I didn't. "Go on, move!" She was suddenley behind me, she pushed me forward and I let go of Jairo's hand.

"No!" I screeched and looked for Jairo, he was gone, a faint echo of my name fading away in the wind. They were all in a circle like a circus, me entertaining them, me the clown, me in the centre of death.

"Take me. Let Jairo go, he isn't usefull to you, he dosen't have powers, hes norma;ll, a human! Let him go!" I screamed.

"Mokoto, pet. Humans are usefull, as a little snack." One red eye winked at me quickly. I couldn't fight back, there were too many.

"This isn't a nightmare is it." I whispered.

"Afraid not." A low mans voice came from behind me, grabbing my motuh and pulling me backwards, then I suddenley blacked out.

The End

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