Friends of Foes

I don't know what this is about so anyone please can you make more chapters for me, thanks. so far it is about a girl called Mokoto, and a woman who is from and evil group who want to capture her and keep her for her powers. they have killed her father but mokoto dosen't know if her mother is really dead or not.

I ran threw the forest urgentley, screaming and yelling for help from someone. They were coming. My heart was about to explode with rage and pain and hurt. I felt like something or someone was searching through my body, trying to look for my heart which they wouldn't be able to find and If they did find it there would be 'hurt' written across it in black permanent marker.

My hair blew around my face and I struggled to see. What are they expecting? Me to stop? Me to just let them kill me to after killing my father Hayao. No. I couldn't. As much as I loved my father and as much as I would die for him I loved  my mother I still couldn't. They didn't have my mother and they hadn't killed her yet. I had to save her.

I kept running, my bare feet scratching across the bark on the ground and the sharp stones and twigs. It was painful. But it wasn't as painful as what I was going through now. I kept running. Sprinting towards life and destiny and if they would kill me or keep me for my powers to their own advantage.

"You murderers!" I screamed at them. " How can you do this?!" I cried in pain.

The evil, frighteneing woman laughed dancing about behind me. "Because I can." She was skipping and laughing as earpiercing screeches came from town citizens. I stopped scared as the woman walked circles around me, like circling her prey.

She had curly, long black hair and frighteneing violet coloured eyes. She was pale and was wearing a long black dress, it was ripped and tatty. Her bare feet made crunch sounds on the bark as she walked grinning at me.

"Stay away from me." I said. "I'll hurt you." I was crying, tears sprinkling down my face.

"I can hurt you more. See, your powers are very usefull to us, so, we are going to keep you."

"You'll keep nothing and enjoy what you have already!" I screamed at her.

"Eh, anyway, sorry about you little daddy, I think he was just to easy for us." She replied giggling. I cried in even more pain. " I really am sorry by the way." She said sarcastically. I couldn't speek.

"I want my mother alive." I whispered.

"Well, about that, my friends they um, killed her a few minutes ago, sad really, I wish I was there." I looked at her shocked. Then kicked her in her stomach as she went flying back and crashing into a tree. "Your going to wish you didn't do that." She said.

"YOU KILLED MY MOTHER! YOU HEARTLESS WOMAN!" I screamed punching her in the face.

I used my powers to lift the roots off of the ground and wrapped them around her body tightly so she was securley stuck to the tree without even touching them.

Then I ran. Preying that the woman had lied and that my mother was still alive. I heard more screams of citizens. This, could be the end of my life.

The End

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