The House

A collab story, where you can do as you please! (within reason, of course) make friends and enemies, lovers or rivals! Like I said, do as you please, in a house with no limits!
All welcome! (Humans, elves, dwarfs, angels, daemons, and general weird creature - come in!)
Beware the insanity :)

Ariana pushed the door open, with a slight frown. The door had been ajar, and a waft of burning wood tickled her nose gently. She slipped inside, her cautious cerulean eyes glancing about, her slitted pupils watching for any sign of movement.

"Hello?" She called softly. There was no reply. She gave a sigh, before looking around a bit more. There was a roomy kitchen, two bathrooms that smelled weakly of vanilla, and a large, welcoming living room, with a roaring fire, crackling behind a guard. She had also seen a staircase, but she decided that she would leave that for the time being.

Tucking a strand of coffee-stain coloured hair behind her ear, she folded her similarly coloured wings tightly to her back,  before setting herself down into a crimson armchair , reasonably close to the fire. 

Now a little more aware of her surroundings, she settled back a little, into the chair. She felt as if someone else was coming, and that she should wait for them.

The End

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