As we took our assigned seats I saw John and Michael both take out their phones . I instantly knew I would be getting text messages .  As soon as I pulled out my French work books my phone began vibrating . I pulled out my cellphone and the screen read ;

 Text message from : Michael Marsch

Hey babe , 

After reading Michael's text , I felt strange . Then just as I went to put my phone back in my pocket it began vibrating again . The text read ; 

Text message from : John Walker 

Man , Michael is pissing me off ! I think he likes you ? .. 

I was becoming aware that John and Michael both had a little crush on me . I'm not sure why John and Michael would be so stupid .  After French class was done , the rest of the day passed by very quickly . Then , the text messages started again . 

Text message from : Michael Marsch ( & one other un-read text message ) 

Want to chill tonight ? I'll come over to your place around six or seven (;

 I didn't even know what to reply , because I knew if I open the other text it would just be John asking to hang out , or for me to meet him somewheres . I very quickly took the large battery out of my phone . I couldn't deal with them ! I've been there friend for long enough , and they were both the type not to give up on something they have there mind set on . 

The End

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