I stared him down from across the school yard . Waiting for him to acknowledge me . As he slightly turned his head towards me I quickly turned my head and pretended to laugh at what my friends were talking about . I saw Michael move swiftly towards me . 

" Good Morning . " Michael said staring at me with his beautiful  big brown eyes . 

" Morning , " I said smiling at him warmly . 

"  Are you coming to John's sick party tonight ? " Michael said .  As Michael began talking about John , I saw John run up the hill basically tripping over himself and dropping his work books along the way . 

"  Damn hill , I always fall ! " John said sighing .  Michael and I began laughing .  Then all of a sudden the bell had rung .  All three of us very slowly walked to our first class , which was French .  Every teacher in Park view High knew Me , John and Michael were the best of friends . Nothing could ever change us . So we thought . 

The End

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