"Can you hear it?"

"Not yet."

"It sounds like part of the air, you'll have to try and hear the breeze in your ears."

"The air isn't moving in here"

"Can't you feel it moving?  Here..."

A girl wearing purple rag-ish clothing lifts holds her hand out to a boy, wearing similar brown rag-ish clothes, sitting on his legs across from her.  The boy has his eyes closed, whereas the girl has her eyes wide open with curiosity, looking everywhere and anywhere at something in the air.  The boy, without opening his eyes, holds out his arm and locks fingers with the girl, who lifts his hand up in the air, then spreads both of their fingers out.  They speak in hushed and enthusiastic voices.

"I can now!  It feels like tiny worms crawling across my hand." the boy says.

"There you go Sebastian!  Now try and listen to it, there's something in the air, can you hear it?"

"Yes I can!  I can hear it with my hand, the worms are talking to me!"

"What does it sound like?"

"It's like a tinkling, like pins and needles but in your head."

"That's it!" the girl said.

"What does it mean Kristine?"

"They seem to be keen to talk."

"What are they saying?" asked Sebastian.

"They are hiding from the trees, the woods scare them." Kristine explained.

"No one should be afraid of the woods." Sebastian said whilst opening his eyes.

"How can we help them?" asked Kristine with a bright smile.

"Maybe they just need to be introduced properly?" Sebastian asked.

"I think you're right, how does one introduce the air to the trees?"

Sebastian thought for a moment, looking downwards and to his right with a thoughtful expression.

"The air and the leaves are best friends, maybe they can help?" asked Sebastian.

Kristine's face lit up.

"Come on!" She said, getting up.  "We must collect some leaves and use the netting."

"Of course!" Sebastian exclaimed, standing up and following Kristine out of the small wooden cabin they were in.  "I have to carve this in the wood!".

Sebastian and Kristine both exited to the woods the cabin was in, filled with dead looking trees, the sun shining through them and autumn leaves scattered all around.  Sebastian ran over to a particularly high pile of leaves which he began whisking away, revealing planks of tree wood.  He pulled out from under his rags a small knife with a wooden handle, a blunt, inch long blade protruding from the handle.  He began carving at one piece of wood he had separated from the rest.  Kristine jumped out from behind the trees holding a large net made of string.

"This one!" Sebastian shouted, running over to a tree that had been scratched and cut.  Kristine ran over to him, they both grabbed opposite ends of the net, and circled around the tree in opposite directions, feeding the net over the branches of the surrounding trees until both ends met up.  Sebastian then went back to the tree, and placed the piece of wood he had carved something onto, on to the tree, over a place where the wood had been cut out, fitting perfectly together, leaving only a faint white-ish yellow outlining the carving.

Carved on to the wood were various symbols, white against brown, small drawings that looked like gusts of wind, leaves and trees, with heart symbols dotted all around like bubbles in the air.

Kristine and Sebastian knelt by the tree, and placed their hands over the carving, then looked at each other and laughed quietly.  Then they stood up, and began grabbing the leaves and throwing them into the air, some falling into the net, most falling back to the ground.

"Is it working yet?" Asked Sebastian.

"Not yet." Kristine replied.

Both of them then started running around the tree, together, hand in hand, their rag-ish clothes flapping against the air, their hair flowing through the breeze.

Kristine stopped and held up her hands, leaned her head to one side and closed her eyes.

She then smiled and said "They're excited now!".

Sebastian and Kristine kept running around and around, throwing and kicking the leaves in the air.  The wind grew faster, making the leaves glide further and higher.  Eventually it started picking leaves up.  Round and round they went.  The leaves were now catching on the wind, flying up and around, into the net and up further into the air, around and around the tree, the sound of rustling leaves accompanied by Sebastian and Kristine's laughter.

The End

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