Sophia-Marie 6Mature

I looked over at my drunken best mate lying knocked out (by alcohol) on the floor beside, her head movements indicated to me that she wasn't dead! Her eyes flickered and she started mumbling about monkeys and flying unicorns, I giggled at the state of her and looked over at my phone lying on the coffe table. I was thinking of calling the cops, no wait a doctor, she'd been out cold for over three hours now!

I watched as her eyes flickered and she looked up at me,her eyes flickered to the right and then the left, she sat up quickly and asked me if there was any booze left, "Babe, is there any of that stuff left yeah? That one I had last night- watsits name-erm-erm, beer that's it!"

I answered, "No, you had it all!" which was a major lie there was loads of it left but I was just trying to help my friend out, and Rachel dun't look like the sorta girl you want to walk in as your helping yourself to the free booze in the cupboard. Sophia-Marie was looking at me like I was ice-cream! "Hey, dude I havent noticed this before but you've got really hot in the last year! Your so fit! Ya know I've always had feelings for you, you was always there for me in high school! And you know when I went out with that Cody guy? It was just cos I was jealous of you going out with Serena and not me!" O.K she was so drunk! And I guessed it was time to go beore Rachel and the others wake up, "Yeah, your drunk so let's go back out to the car now!"

"Nuhuh!" She giggled before jumping onto me and grring like a tiger "Kiss me" she squealed in a high pitched voice!

I guessed that she really was drunk so I gave her a quick peck on the cheeks," Look we really need to get going, you know back to your apartment! You need to get some sleep! In fact we both do!"

She winked at me and said "Yeah dude, SLEEP!" She obviously didn't get the message but at least she was agreeing with me "No, no no! Were not going back to that place were going to Vegas! All the stars do it!" She said in a drunken slur " Dude, seriously though I really do think your hot and that I love you and I know that you feel the same way about me too! And you think I'm hot otherwise why else would you keep looking at my legs all the time, huh?" God, she'd guessed! "But I do know that unicorns are better stir fryed and that-"her voice dissapeared into a giant snore as her head fell down onto my torso and her hair spread out everywhere. God, this girl was impossible it was just sad she coul'dnt say it when she knew what was going on!

The End

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