“Hey Rachel!” I said, walking into the tiny house. Rachel, a tiny brunette with big doe eyes run over.

“Hey hon! Whose this, oh god you got my text…thank god we showed you how to use a fake I.D. God, was that two years ago?” She said quickly as she took the bottle from my hands.

Jack’s eyes meet mine. He herded fake I.D. Of course, this was something new. All he knew was still some little girl who would never drink. He was wrong.

“Don’t look shocked. I know you’ve had some beer before. Yeah, I’ve got those calls.” The blush on his face grew darker.

I smiled and pulled him away from Rachel. I led him back to her game room. The music was buzzing in this room, so I thought the less he hared the better. Not that he would tell on me right?

James was are ready here, and sitting up a game of Never Have I Ever. He smiled when I came over and said I would join.

“You better Sumia. This is your game now that you’ve been in the city.” I laughed and sat down at the table, along with Penny, James and a few people I didn’t know.

“Hey, kid you playing?” Penny asked James who shook his head.

“You suck Jack.” I said, pulling my knees up to the table.

“You start James.” Someone said. James got a smile.

“Never have I ever been friends with someone names Jack.” A couple people laughed as they took drinks of the beer in front of them.

“Scerw you James.” I said taking a drink, getting lost in the taste of beer on my month.

The End

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