Sophia-Marie 4Mature

I clapped as the Actors and Actresses bowed after singing the finale song and doing their dance. I just couldn't get over the fact that she wore that outfit. You know what I'm talking about! That outfit! I mean no-one else was shocked apart from me, that's cos they don't know her, I do!

I shrugged it off as I walked backstage and stumbled over millions of different people all prepraring to celebrate the opening night and what a success they had had. I made my way over to Sophia-Marie and watched as she turned around to face me and started squeling with delight, "Did I do well? I bet I did didn't I? I did!" I just nodded along with what she said as she babbled on and on about what a success it was, but I perked up when she said that I had been invited to the after-party (cast only) as a friend, "So, yeah get your coat were going to go Rachels bungalow and partaaaaay!" She screamed, she grabbed hold of my hand singing "I'm amazing, I did really well! Were going to Parrtaaaaaaaay! Were going Rachels! I did really well!" I laughed at her giddiness as she pulled me through the crowd and out onto the steps and into the parking lot, "So, tell me what have you been doing? I hope you didn't get into trouble without me? Did you?" She asked as we clambered into her Mustang, "No, I did not get into any trouble!" I replied, "I went window shopping!" She went silent as she pulled her seatbelt on that sat looking at me like I was some form of disease, then all of a sudden she burst out laughing, "What?" I said and joined in the laughter.

"Oh, God let's just get to Rachel's" she said after she was calm enough to drive.


I looked out onto the dark roads of New York, "Are we nearly there?" I complained for about the one hundreth time.

"Does it look like were there?" she said and stole a glance in my direction, "But yes, actually I think she lives- Oh yeah there's her car!" I looked over and saw a hot pink Mercedes parked in the driveway. Sophia-Marie parked the car and jumped out and ran round to the passenger door and helped me out. "Grab me the bottle of champagne!" she said as she pulled me up, I reached behind me and picked it up.

"When did you buy this?" I inquired.

"When did you buy this?" she said mimicking my voice, speaking normally once again, "When we stopped for gas! Look I can see her!"

I looked to the window to see a beatufial brunette, "C'mon slow coach" Sophia-Marie squealed in my ear as she she tugged on my hand, "We wouldn't want to keep her waiting!"

The End

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