The place I felt at home was the stage. So, when I was fourteen and asked to come to New York to be in a show, it felt like I was home. Even walking into the place me and my fellow cast mates doomed “Hells ninth level.” From Dante’s Inferno, even if I hadn’t read it, I found it a insult. Which it totally was.

“Hey Sumia.” Said James, one of the main cast mates. I was also a main person. Sumia was the name I was christened when I arrived in New York, my agent claming Sophia-Marie was to long. My Mother told him it sounded like a Japanese Proustants name.

“Hey James.” I said. He laughed, his brown eyes twinkling,

“Have you seen you costume for the slut song?” The slut song, Camille, Collette, Fifi, (I wasn’t even sure which musical it came from, all I knew was I hated it), was about Proustants. I’m not kidding.

“Is it a nun coustme..and why am I just getting it now.” He laughed.

“All I know is your suppose to go to the costume room.” I rolled my eyes and took my bag to the dressing room I shared with two women. (I was the youngest main singer/actress, the little kids that appear are shipped off after they perform and whisked back for curtain call.)

Penny sat on her chair smoking. When she saw me she giggled. Of course, she was Fifi in the song.

“Have you seen it?” Penny asked, brushing a stain of red hair away from her cigarette.

“No.” Penny pointed the dress that hung in the conor. Honestly, it was a leotard with half a tutu in the back.

“Oh dear lord. How many hail Mary’s am I going to have to say to get me over this?” I asked to nobody in mind.

“Your Catholic?”

“Yep.” I laughed and left the room to go and get the costume.


Standing on the side of the stage, listening the dictator praise the cast before the show begin was my least favorite part. Whatever.

When left, and audience clapped, Penny, Grace and myself nodded. Of course, the first time I’m seen is in the slut costume. I crossed my self one time and puffed my tutu. Lets go have fun.

The audience laughed when the two women pushed me down, which was totally planed due to the fact, that I tooked cash out of my bra and tossed in the air.

I smiled when I left the stage. This was going to be a good night..

The End

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