Sophia-Marie 2Mature

I looked up at the girl hovering above my head, legs. Though she hates it when I call her that, and I know that I probably shouldn't beacause she has enough to worry about without me complaining about her legs every five minutes, she probably thinks I'm weird anyway, I mean I would if my best friend looked at my legs every flippin 2 seconds.

"Jack, Jack, Jack Watson! Hellooo!" She waved her hand in from of my face which woke me up from my little daydream, " We have to be out of here in 5 minutes" she said impatiently while lookng at the wristwatch on her wrist, " Have you listened to a word I just said? I have reherseals! There wasn't any point in you even flying out here!"

"Why legs?" I replied hiding my giggles with a grin.

"Beacause your gonna get me kicked off this show! My first big break and your about to get me fired! Just get up get your backside of the chair put your coat on and wait outside in the car!"Goddid that girl have a scream on her!

"O.K, I'm going I'm going!" I put my hands up and grabbed my coat off the kitchen table. She get's so worked up over these little show things I thought to myself as I walked out to the car! Well, I guess this is kinda an important show to her! I jumped into her black Mustang and looked at her iPod lay on the chair, I picked it up and decided to hide it from her as a joke, I stood up and tried to stuff it in my back pocket, but in my haste I hit my head on the roof of the car and crashed back down to earth and landed in the seat with a thump, I started massaging my head and started at the little patch where my head it the roof, I watched as Sophia- Marie walked around the side of the car and to the drivers seat, " You know Jack, I saw that!" she said with a smirk on her face, my reply was a sheepish grin and a silly face. "Give me my iPod back!" She said with the smile on her face getting bigger untill it turned into a grin, "You know what I'm talking about, don't pretend you don't!" I leant forward and pulled the iPod out of my jeans pocket, I smirked and then laughed, "I thought you said you were going to be late?"

" I did, but really Jack don't you know anything about me?" She smirked, and I gave her my best WTF look, " I told we was going to be late so you would actually get up! In actual fact we are forty-five minutes early! I can act that's why I'm on Broadway!" She smirked, pulled her sunglasses out of the glove compartment and revved the engine.


"Here, we are, now I need to go in but you won't be alllowed to come in till it's the start of the show, now go and entertain yourself while I practice!" She said with the most serious expression on her face I've ever seen her giv.

I laughed "This show means alot to you doesn't it?" 

She nodded, "All my shows do, but this one especially!"

"Well then I wouldn't want to keep you from your dreams Little Miss Superstar!" I managed to giggle out.

"Shutup, dufus." She said as she threw her watch at me, "Don't be late!" We both clambered out of her Mustang, which was so her! I watched as she walked away, she entered the building and I turned around leaning on the car. I looked up at the New York sun and thought about Sophia-Marie, God did I love that girl?

The End

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