Turning up the sound of my Ipod, I studied the lyrics I would be singing in less then ten hours. Jacks flight better be on time, or he is stuck at JFK. I didn’t have time to waste, I had to be at the theater in four hours, and picking him up was not helping at all.

I parked my black mustang, a gift from my agent after my first Tony, and walked across the parking lot. Under my breath I cursed Airport traffic. I entered the building and went towards the place I had argged to meet him. Starbucks.

I entered the small room, about the size of my closet, order my a coffee and sat down. Jack hurry up….I’m going to kill you if make me late.. I’m going to rip of your head and tie it to your ass..

Caught up in my ranting, I didn’t notice a boy with shaggy black hair and big green eyes sit down across from me.

“Hey, Sophie-Marie.” I shot up my eyes at the sound of my name.

“JACK?” I asked.

“No other.” He said with a smile.

“Hi! How are you, o m God I can’t believe you’re here, get up, come on, move we got to go..” I said, along with some other things mumbled together.

He laughed and got up and picked up his suitcase. I notice what he was wearing, a Hollister shirt and a pair jeans.

“Your not wearing that tonight right? I might shot you…”

“Don’t worry legs, I have other stuff.”

“You better, and stop calling me that.” I pulled my sweat shirt tighter to my body when we got outside.

“Whatever legs, umm, how are we getting back to your place.” I smiled. I forget to tell him I got my permit. I pulled out my keys and waved them.

“I will be driving.” I said with a smile.

“Your kidding, legs.”

“Nope.” We got to my car. “Put your stuff in the back.”

I got in my side and waited for him to get in.

“Don’t sit on my Ipod..” I said. He sighed and picked it up and dropped in his lap.

“Go to the play list marked SMM and put shuffle.” I commend, pulling out of the lot

Soon the music for tonight came on and I was singing along and listening to Jack laugh at me.

The End

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