name: Jack watson
age: 17
looks: Tall, handsome, black messy hair he always ruffles about, he has green eyes ( i love green eyes their amazing!)
personality: he is really easy to talk to and is only giddy when with his friends he is uncomfortable when around adults, he has inner feelings about sophia-marie because they spent their childhood together looking afeter eachother and he is protective over her!


Name: Sophia-Marie Grant

Age: 16

Looks: Honey Colred hair, that falls to her shoulders. Sea blue eyes. She is tiny, about 5'2.

Persontily: She is very childish when she is not preforming. When she is on the stage, people ask her about collage and things like that. She is currently on Browdway in a show that takes diffent songs from diffent shows and


The End

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